When the wrong message goes worldwide

If you are even on the planet at all, you know that the Super Bowl is this weekend. Aside from the football hoopla, it’s also the “battle of the ads” – when big companies try to outdo each other for the honor of the Best Super Bowl Ad.
So why do I even bring this up? Well, I’ll tell you. Over the past few days, I've read about the controversy with a few of the ads (Carl’s Jr.) that are (or were) going to air – one of which (the Go Daddy “Journey Home” ad) has already been pulled.

So what goes wrong? Companies are paying thousands and thousands of dollars for air time during the Super Bowl, not to mention the amounts to develop the concept, create the ad and then produce it.

In my opinion things start to go wrong when a company puts its own needs before the customers’ needs; when it sends the wrong message to the audiences they serve or hope to serve in the future.

It’s one thing to push the envelope in the name of being memorable and trendy. It’s another to cross the line with messaging that’s offensive, even if it’s disguised in attempted humor. There’s no doubt your company will be remembered; maybe just not in the way you intended.

The message you send, regardless of the medium you choose to use, should reinforce the image you want your customers to have about your company. It’s part of your brand; it’s who you are.

Make sure it’s memorable – in the right way.

Posted by MJ Thomas

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