The World According to Plan B

Jump in the car this morning to head off to work and notice the glaring number on my dashboard – minus twelve degrees. By the time my car can really generate any heat I no longer have feeling in my fingers and toes. Tomorrow it's supposed to reach 30. Typical Ohio winter; it changes in the blink of an eye. It got me to thinking about how quickly things change. How things are smooth sailing one minute and the next minute you’re bouncing around on stormy seas.

Transition is a part of life. It forces us to change, to try new things and to grow. Sometimes it’s so subtle we may not even notice it. Other times it lands a knock-out punch. In that case, we have two choices: stay down for the count or get up, brush ourselves off and move on. Plan B.

Does your business have one? Or are you just keeping your fingers crossed that Plan A will see you through? When Plan A doesn’t go as well as planned, what’s your fall back plan? Suppose your best customer decides to leave you for another company. What if economic changes derail Plan A? Suppose your biggest supplier goes out of business. Are you ready to move forward or will your business come to a screeching halt?

Change is disrupting and depending on your level of preparedness, that can be a good thing or a bad thing. Being prepared can make the difference between success and failure; being flexible or being stuck.

What’s your Plan B?

Posted by MJ Thomas


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