Safe Driving - Do as I say and not as I do?

An article on NPR’s website really caught my attention this morning. The article, Teens Say They Change Clothes and Do Homework While Driving, focuses on the fact that although most teens realize that texting while driving is a bad idea; they fail to see the risk in other activities – like changing clothes while driving. Wow. Add to the list putting on makeup, changing contact lenses, setting the GPS, and even doing homework and you have quite a situation.  A situation that experts say requires educational programming focused on avoiding multitasking when driving.

That’s great but what about setting an example? Is there anybody reading this that’s not guilty of doing one or more of the above tasks when behind the wheel?  True confession time. I admit to several on that list. By the way, changing clothes is not one of them. A contortionist I am not.

The point is that it’s not just teens that need the education or the reminders. For drivers of all ages, distraction is the leading cause of accidents.

How many of us pride ourselves on our ability to multitask; to handle six things at once and get it all done with time to spare? Multitasking in many cases has almost become a badge of honor.

Next time you get behind the wheel, please leave that badge at home. Anything that makes you take your eyes off the road is putting you, the people riding with you and others on the highway at significant risk.

If we want young adults to “keep their eyes on the road,” we better show them how it’s done.

Posted by MJ Thomas


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