What you see is not always what you get

Checking out the headlines again this morning and guess what? You can already buy a cheap imitation Apple Watch. The real thing won’t be available until late April, but there are already cheap knock-offs available on some Chinese websites.  In fact, replicas of the watch were already shown at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. No surprise really. When something great comes along, everyone wants to jump on the band wagon and get their share of the pie.

The Apple Watch will cost anywhere from $300 to the high end $17,000. The look-alikes run between $45 and $80. The ones at the Consumer Electronics Show could be acquired for $27.

As much as these knock-offs look like the real thing, you have to look deeper to realize that it’s what’s inside that makes the difference. The genuine Apple Watches run on the Apple operating system; the fake ones do not. Technologically, the knock-offs are far less advanced. Big difference. Which one do you think will perform better, last longer?

Reading all this makes me even more proud of our products here at Sentry. Why? They are the real deal. They are built for safety and they work. They are made of the highest quality materials; using the best manufacturing processes; employing the latest technology; passing rigorous testing. There are no cutting corners when it comes to safety.

Are they costly? You bet. In fact they’re the most expensive in the industry.  Are there less expensive column protectors, rack protectors and other impact resistant safety equipment out there? Sure are. Do they look the same? On the outside they do. But just like the Apple Watch, look deeper. It’s what’s on the inside that counts. That’s the difference. And with safety products it’s a huge difference and one that means a lot more than dollars.

Look closer. You get what you pay for.

Posted by MJ Thomas

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