Greatness begins by being different

Let me begin by saying that the following thoughts have nothing to do with our normal topics. No industry musings or thoughts on workplace safety; just some reflections on “making a difference” and someone who did. Here goes…
Greatness begins by being different

Mr. S., one of my college professors told me that all the time. It seemed logical since HE was so different. He was animated, loud, not fond of following rules and was certainly an expert at pushing limits. His classes were pretty darn amazing.

There was no hiding in his marketing class; it was small, maybe ten or 12 people. No lowering your head, hiding behind a book; when you walked in the door you were fair game.  He would always find that certain little thing about you that made you stand out; your strength and then make you work it like you were training for a marathon.

He decided my strength was public speaking. What? Did he not see the shaking hands, the sweat rolling down my face, the “deer in headlights” look? Apparently not because the next thing I knew I was on the speech team competing at a national forensic tournament.  It was one of the best experiences of my life and it prepared me well for my career. I remember it like it was yesterday. Without that “nudge” from Mr. S., I would have missed out on all of it.

So what’s the point? Good question. Recently learned that Mr. S. passed away and with that knowledge came some flashbacks. It just seems to me that the ability to have that kind of positive impact is a gift; a gift that probably each and every one of us could pass along to a family member, friend, employee or colleague. What a different world it could be.

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