Read a great article today titled, The One Word that KILLS Your Customer Experience written by Dave Holland MBA. In the article, he shares the 5P’s that great customer service must have. And in my opinion, they are spot on.

As he first relates a personal case of some pretty awful customer service, I find myself shaking my head both in wonder and acknowledgment.  Sure, I have been on the other end of bad customer service, most of us have. But when I hear about or read these examples that just ooze with bad attitudes and total lack of caring, it never ceases to disappoint me.

Holland’s story centers on a hotel stay where the use of the word obviously was like the corporate mantra because that’s how the answer to any of his questions started.  Obviously as in plainly, can’t believe you don’t get it, easily understandable, can’t believe you are bothering me; you must be a moron obviously. Ouch!  Way to make the customer feel important – NOT.

And for me that’s the core of the matter. What customers “experience” in their interactions with your company are a big factor when it comes to determining whether or not they become a loyal, long-term customer or a one-and-done.

So why take the chance? Make sure your employees understand the value of a great customer experience, train them on its importance to the company and the brand. Instill in them a sense of ownership using Holland's 5P’s of great customer service – presence, purpose, passion, pretend and profit. Presence is not just about physical presence but focus and attention on the customer through the whole transaction. Delivering a great customer experience each time, every time is the purpose. When you are passionate about something it shows and truly makes a difference. The opposite is true as well. Even if you don’t think the customer is right pretend that they are. Negotiate with them but don’t criticize. As a consequence of an outstanding customer interaction everyone is better off – financially and emotionally.

Thanks to Dave Holland for his words of wisdom.

Posted by MJ Thomas

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