Are you playing it safe?

A safe and healthy workplace is not only important to the wellbeing of your employees but to the success of your business. In fact, creating a safe work environment can mean the difference between profit and productivity and one crippled by workers compensation, medical costs and even worse. So, it stands to reason that the company safety program meshes seamlessly into the overall culture of the business. Employees “own it” and are all vested in its success. Yeah, right.

Safety is serious business; it’s about following rules and complying with procedures; it’s about mandatory monthly safety meetings where those rules and procedures are reviewed over and over again.  It’s about best practices and being prepared for the unexpected.

With so much at stake, your entire work force needs to understand and buy in to the company’s safety objectives and the safe behaviors that are expected of them. To make that happen, safety training needs to be memorable.

One way to do that is to make your company’s safety training an experience. Scrap the meetings where everyone sits and listens. Mix things up. We all learn in different ways. Listeners prefer lectures and group discussions. Others – visual learners – like images, graphs and maps to tell the story for them. Did you ever notice any of your colleagues constantly taking notes? It could be that’s how they best process information. And then there’s the person always taking things apart and trying to figure out how they work using the hands-on approach.  Does your current training program address all of these styles? If not, your message could be getting lost on more than half of your audience! Not good when it comes to safety.

Think about including something for everyone in your training; maybe a short lecture, a video, an interactive skit; create a song, a demo, an actual walk through of a situation – anything that gets your people engaged in maintaining a safe working environment for all.  An investment in your training program can lead to a rich future.

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