Okay, everyone, let’s all take out a blank sheet of paper…

Those words coming from a teacher usually meant the dreaded “pop quiz”.  It really didn’t matter if I was prepared or not, I still panicked. “What if I don’t know the answers?” What if I fail?” Why didn’t I study more?” I thought about that this week as I watched most of the kids in our area head back to the classroom.

What a difference time makes. Today, taking out that same blank piece of paper means possibilities; possibilities to fill it with new ideas, new programs, new products, solutions to challenges, answers to those burning questions – and more.

It means an opportunity to learn; to stretch beyond limitations and move forward. Does this have anything to do with business? You bet it does. The “way we’ve always done things” doesn’t fly anymore. To keep pace requires constantly filling that blank piece of paper with the next best thing. No resting on laurels or past accomplishments. And that’s a good thing. It forces us to continue to raise the bar with our products, our programs and the services we provide to our customers. It keeps them engaged in what we are doing and shows them how we can give them the solutions they need. It keeps things moving. It gets people involved. What’s not to like?

So when was the last time the blank piece of paper was filled in at your company? It may just be time to revisit this exercise again.

Okay, everyone, please take out a blank sheet of paper.

Posted by MJ Thomas

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