Get by with a little help from friends…

I’m sure we all remember words like this from one of the Beatles’ top songs. And it is so true. Actually I experienced it first-hand over the last several days at the 2015 COSE Small Business Convention in Cleveland.

It was two days of sharing experiences, networking, learning from experts who were more than willing to share both their successes and their failures, making new connections, renewing former connections and just being immersed in the whole experience. The energy and the buzz were infectious.

You know what? People really DO want to help each other. Honest. And it’s a good thing because the reality is that none of us – no matter how good we think we are – can do it alone. Being able to benefit from the knowledge and life experiences of others is golden.  What’s even better is walking away from an experience like the COSE Small Business Convention with a renewed spirit and confidence about the direction you are headed; going from an “I think I can” to an “I know I can” mantra; and being excited about putting into practice all the great things you learned.

This African proverb – “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go with others” – says it best.  My experience over the last few days has already helped me get a lot farther down the road; all because of a little help from my new friends.

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