Walk a mile in my shoes

Read an article today in Business Insider on McDonald’s All Day Breakfast initiative.  The article wasn’t about the “end-user” perspective; it was feedback from franchise owners. They are the other customers; the ones who actually implement the program at the local store level.

Findings in a survey done by Normura analyst Mark Kalinowski reveal that for franchise owners, All Day Breakfast is a nightmare. Why? Owners say the new menu is slowing down service; causing havoc in kitchens; creating labor problems and adding costs for additional equipment. They added that customers are leaving because service has become too slow and quality has decreased. Add to that the fact that customers are purchasing lower cost breakfast items as opposed to regular menu items that bring in more money. It’s “disorganized and chaotic.” Did anyone walk a mile in their shoes?

Then it gets better. The president of McDonald’s actually sent a note to franchisees about the success of the All Day Breakfast program! Wow.

There are hundreds of stories similar to this in businesses across the country. What resonates with me is this – did anyone even ask the franchise owners how this program might work for them before it was implemented? Did anyone get their feedback? Ask them about challenges and possible solutions?  Walk through it step by step to see where the pitfalls might be? Did anyone walk a mile in the franchise owners’ shoes?

One of the reasons McDonald’s launched the All Day Breakfast program was that customers had long been begging for extended breakfast hours. Okay, filling a customer need isn’t a bad thing; but they bypassed their most important customer – the ones really responsible for the program’s success. In my book, that’s a big mistake – HUGE. What looks great on paper may be a disaster to implement. But how would you know that if you don’t test it out? How would you know if you don’t walk in everyone’s shoes that will be touched by the program? Seems like a simple thing to do but too often it’s one that gets overlooked.

Food for thought.

Posted by MJ Thomas


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