Peel away the layers and what do you see?

The holiday shopping season has begun.  You can’t pick up a newspaper, watch television, listen to the radio or surf the Internet without being inundated with ads for the best holiday deals ever.  For me, the tradition is that the holiday train starts rolling the day after Thanksgiving, but that’s another story.

My thought for today was prompted by a news item I saw last night. The focus of the story was how to avoid being fooled by holiday sales offers that “sound too good to be true”; how to detect scams and determine if a company is legitimate.  Sad, but true; it’s a story that needs to be told every year. I mean, seriously, how many genuine Coach purses have you bought for $25?

Truth is that when you peel away the top layer, undo the wrapping and take a closer look – what you see is NOT always what you get.  And that brings me to my point.

Sentry products are safety products; built to protect people, equipment and facilities from damages caused by impact from industrial equipment and vehicles.  There are other products that look like ours; the same color, the same height; at a visual glance they look the same. But peel away the outside layer and you definitely recognize the difference. The way they are designed, manufactured, the materials used, the testing they undergo all factor in to making one of the highest quality, toughest, most reliable safety products you can buy. Are they more expensive? Yes, they are. I’m proud to say that because you get what you pay for and safety products are not where you should be looking for bargains. The consequences can be dire.

Safety is serious business. When you are purchasing safety products to protect your people, equipment and facilities, look below the surface, get past the exterior and make sure that what you see is indeed what you get.

Posted by MJ Thomas

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