Tell me something good…

Go ahead. Tell me something good about your day. That’s what the mother of Bert and John Jacobs (the youngest of six children) asked her children at the dinner table each and every night.  It was this nightly exercise that inspired them to start their now
$100 million Life is Good T-shirt Company.

Read an article on the Internet today about the Jacobs brothers and wanted to share some of that with you on this Friday before Christmas. Why? Because basically it’s a feel –good story that I believe is especially relevant at this time of year. It really puts things in perspective.

According to the brothers, the family often went through troubled times, but the daily exercise of finding something good about the day kept them energized and optimistic even when there was little to be optimistic about. It changed their mindset and motivated them to start their company with a mission to spread the power of optimism. Instead of focusing on challenges, finding the good can bring with it new ideas, new ways of doing things, growth and success. The company tag line says it all; “Life is not perfect. Life is not easy. Life is good.”

On this day that officially marks one week until Christmas Day, tell me something good and have a happy, healthy, safe and optimistic holiday.

Posted by MJ Thomas

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