Break it down now!

The first month of the year is coming to an end and once again I find myself surprised at how fast the days pass. Not sure why; it happens every year so I should expect it but there’s always that hope that maybe I will be on pace with the things on my “to-do” list. A person can dream, right? The list of to-do always seems to be longer than the time there is to do them. And it can be overwhelming.

In fact, did you ever hear someone say, “I have so much to do; I don’t know where to start”? For me the challenge in that situation is that I don’t start at all. It’s when shiny ball syndrome kicks in and avoidance behavior takes over. Oh yeah, I’m busy; just not busy doing the things on my list.

So how do you get past this? Focus. What are you really trying to accomplish?  Be specific. Then break that overwhelming goal into manageable chunks; bite size pieces that are easily digested. Take things one step at a time. Most importantly celebrate your accomplishments. There’s something very “freeing” about being able to cross a task off the list and know you’ve done it well.  It energizes you to take on the next item, and the next until finally it’s done. There are some people that might say this is baloney; it doesn’t work, and maybe for them it doesn’t. But if you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out about all you have to do there’s sure no harm in trying it.

Just think how much better it can make your work day; how much more you can actually get done and how much stress it could take off your shoulders.

A wise friend used to say, “Life’s too short to be uncomfortable.”  Exactly. Now let’s see – what’s next on my list?

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