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It’s blog time again. There were a couple of things I had in mind to talk about this week and then – by chance – I came across the fact that today is National Employee Appreciation Day. It also happens to be National Salesperson Day, National Pound Cake Day, National Hug a G.I. Day, National Grammar Day and National Unplugging Day. In fact, when you start looking a little further, there seems to be a “day” for everything you can imagine. I get it. Everyone wants to be recognized for something; and that’s a good thing. But, let’s get back to National Employee Appreciation Day.

This day was created to spotlight the importance of employee recognition in the workplace to employers in all industries; and it is important. In my opinion, it warrants more than just a day. Employees are one of the most important assets of a company and appreciation and recognition should be part of the company culture.

Consider this. Studies indicate that more than 80 percent of employees were motivated to work harder when shown appreciation for their work by their boss, compared to less than 40 percent inspired to work harder when their boss is demanding or they fear for their jobs. (Glassdoor) Added benefits of valid recognition and appreciation are happier employees, fewer turnovers, repeated good behavior, increased productivity and in the long run, a better and stronger company. Not to mention that it’s the right thing to do.

Here’s the catch. Before you start running off thanking everyone and showering appreciation like you were dropping it from a helicopter, remember this – make sure that the recognition you give is genuine, valid and truly has meaning. You can do just as much damage by thanking everybody for everything as you can by not thanking them or recognizing them at all. Too much of anything is not a good thing. Superfluous appreciation soon loses its meaning, employees see right through it and it loses all value. Save it for when you MEAN it and then act on it. A kind word, a handwritten note, a lunch, a small gift can all go a long way in cultivating a culture of appreciation. That’s priceless.

Thank you!

Posted by MJ Thomas

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