The safety evolution – the wheel just keeps on spinning

Safety in the workplace is a process not an event. It’s something we work on every day to ensure that our employees are in the safest environment possible every time they enter our front doors. As much as the need for safety remains a priority, the pieces/parts that combine to create a comprehensive safety program continue to evolve. To keep pace with these changes requires being aware of new trends, new methods and new regulations on everything safety.

For example, slips, trips and falls are always high on the list of on-the-job injuries. Though it’s not likely that any methods used to avoid these accidents will be totally fool proof, there’s an increasing demand to find new and creative ways of prevention – not only because they affect the well-being of our employees, but they are costly. In fact Occupational Health & Safety magazine cites industry statistics that “one million Americans suffer from a slip, trip or fall injury every year, costing employers up to $40,000 per incident.”

New regulations, like the one requiring companies to assume workmen’s compensation risks for temporary and contract employees, have a significant impact on companies and their safety initiatives. In addition to trips, slips and falls, organizations now need to closely look at how employee physical and emotional issues influence job performance and how that can increase the possibility of accidents and injuries. Things like depression, obesity, medication addiction and others are on the safety radar of things that need to be monitored and require preventive solutions.

So, is your head spinning yet? You know how they say that the only thing constant is change? That’s safety; evolving, changing and requiring new and inventive ways of keeping your workplace safe.  It requires, time attention and a strong commitment, but it’s definitely worth it.

Posted by MJ Thomas


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