It’s up close and personal…

It’s Friday and I’m in preparation mode for the MODEX 2016 trade show that starts on Monday in Atlanta. MODEX is often called “the Greatest Supply Chain Show on Earth” and for a good reason.  At this show, the top material handling, logistics and supply chain providers meet to showcase the newest and best equipment and solutions in the industry. It’s huge.

For trade show veterans, this coming week means long days,  miles of walking, hours of standing, meals at odd hours and endless presentations. But it’s more than worth it; the dividends it pays are priceless. Why? Because by the end of the show new relationships are created, old ones are renewed or solidified; one on one, up close and personal, let me shake your hand relationships with colleagues, customers, friends and industry experts.  In my opinion that’s something of real value. It’s more than a few lines in an email, a limited number of characters on Twitter or a recorded message on voicemail. It’s an opportunity to connect a name with a face, exchange interests and ideas and learn from the experiences of those people you meet. Each one of those business cards in the stack you bring home now has a face and a story attached to it; it’s memorable.  It’s just a good thing.

So how about it? If you are attending this year’s MODEX show, stop by Sentry’s booth #1355 to introduce yourself, say hello and share a story or two. We’re looking forward to meeting you.

Posted by MJ Thomas

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