Tempest Fugit. Yes, it does.

It hit me like a ton of bricks. I was scanning through the morning paper, half-heartedly checking the headlines when I came to the obituary page. The very first name listed was one of my dear friends. In disbelief, I read it several times; hoping it was a mistake. No, in fact, it was true. My mind started to race back to the last time we had seen each other or chatted about one thing or the other. It didn’t seem that long ago but in reality it had been at least a few years. Time flies.

Last time we spoke, we both made promises to get together for lunch, call more often, take in a movie or just go for coffee and catch up. Sure wish we would’ve followed through. Time flies.

My point is not to be somber as we head into the weekend. It’s just a reminder that in today’s world we are all so busy – all the time. It seems like we are constantly putting out the immediate fires and pushing off the slow burners to a later date. We juggle dates and times and people and places trying to somehow make it manageable. We tell ourselves that we’ll get to it just as soon as…. But then, time flies. And once it does, it’s gone; there’s no getting it back.

The hectic pace is a constant source of stress, anxiety, health problems and in my case – a missed opportunity to reconnect with a good friend. It affects our home environment, work environment and social environment. Time flies and we are left with a list of would have, should have and could haves.

I re-learned a valuable lesson this week. I can’t stop time from flying by, but I can surely make time for the things that are most important to me.

Enjoy the weekend.

Posted by MJ Thomas

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