Don’t let them count you out!

If you ‘re any kind of sports fan at all –  especially one in Cleveland – you know that tonight starts the American League Championship series in major league baseball. You also know that the Cleveland Indians, after sweeping the Boston Red Sox in the division series, are in the hunt. Go Tribe!

This also marks yet another instance where a Cleveland sports team is considered “the underdog.”  The underdog – the team expected to lose, the one less powerful, the one thought to not have much chance at winning it all. Humbug, I say. Well, look at the statistics, you might say; look at the talent; look at the bench strength; look at the past records. Phooey. On any given day, in any given circumstance, underdogs are beating the odds. Why? Because they believe they can and they don’t let others count them out. Can anybody say 2016 NBA Champions – the Cleveland Cavaliers? How about the 2016 Caulder Cup Champions – the Cleveland Monsters? About now you may want to call my attention to the Cleveland Browns. Okay, fine. But even with all the doom and gloom predictions for the team, there are still signs that this team hasn’t given up on itself.

Here’s the point. Don’t let anyone count you out – personally or in business. When people doubt your ability or your skills, prove them wrong. Stay determined. Play to your strengths. Your best skill – that thing that you do best – can give you that needed edge. Take things one step at a time. Instead of telling yourself you need five big sales to make your quota, focus on one sale at a time. And celebrate each success. Surround yourself with the right people; people who support you and believe in you. In tough situations focus on what you CAN do, not what you can’t do. Let’s be honest, there WILL be tough times.

When it comes to sports here in Believeland, we know tough times – things like “Red Right 88”, “The Drive”, “The Shot”, “The Decision”, and the 1997 World Series ninth inning meltdown have become staples of our vocabulary. No more. The Cavaliers changed that earlier this year. Now the Indians are on deck. It’s their turn and you can bet they won’t let anyone count them out.

Go Tribe!

Posted by MJ Thomas

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