Today is what?

Every now and then it’s fun to look at one of the calendars that features unusual and somewhat whacky holidays. Some of these designated days are obvious while others make you wonder who comes up with this stuff.

I found an interesting one for today. It’s “Punch the Clock Day.” Yep. You heard it here first. The reason this caught my eye is that according to the calendar it was featured on, there is really no content to define the purpose or the meaning behind this celebration. No one knows who created it or its original date.

So, what’s the point? Follow my thought process here. How many times do we communicate something in a similar fashion and then are surprised when people don’t get it? Let’s say the safety policies at your workplace for example. Just like with “Punch the Clock Day": we can all guess what the true meaning is; make up our own definition; or just ignore it because it’s too much work to try and figure it out.

Not something you want to happen with safety. Safety in the workplace doesn’t just happen; it is planned, implemented and practiced every day. It must be if it’s going to work. And for every employee to take responsibility for it they need to understand the policies; they need to make sense; be logical. And if you are the one in charge of safety, it’s your job to make sure that happens. Don’t assume people understand just because you do.  How do you communicate when there are changes in procedures, new rules or regulations? Is it a memo, a notice on the bulletin board, an email, a meeting? Are you sure that the communication method you use is the best for everyone? Are people missing the message? How do you know? How do they learn about new technologies, new equipment, and new products? Have there been any changes in accident rates? If so, can you pinpoint why? What’s working and what could be better?

Think about it.  People’s lives and livelihoods depend on it.

Posted by MJ Thomas

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