Are we having fun yet?

We’ve all pretty much heard that at one time or another. Well, are we? And why is that important? Because if we are talking about fun at work, it can increase productivity, improve customer service and boost creativity and innovation. It’s also been shown to lower absenteeism, provide greater job satisfaction and increase employee loyalty.

Hard to believe that a little bit of fun could impact a company’s success but data from the Great Place to work Institute shows that “great” companies earn significantly higher marks for “fun.”

Granted every day can’t always be fun and games. That’s pretty much a given. But even in the most formal or serious environment, at some point there are opportunities for employees to lighten up and find some levity during the working day.

Having fun at work has additional benefits including improving teamwork, building trust and increasing employee retention. It’s especially good at relieving stress.

It’s a stressful time at work right now – good stress, but stress nonetheless. The only thing that keeps things going is the ability to laugh amongst ourselves, find humor in the small things and keep it in perspective. When something goes amiss and isn’t all that funny, the team comes together and we work it out. We love it when a plan comes together.

In the words of beloved author Dr, Seuss, who would have turned 113 years old yesterday, “Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.”

Keep coming back.

Posted by MJ Thomas

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