Walk a mile in my shoes

Our team at Sentry Protection Products is headed to Chicago next week for the 2017 ProMat Show – the leading event of its kind bringing together solution providers with buyers in the manufacturing and supply chain industry from all over the world.  Current information states that the show includes 950 exhibits and 375,000 square feet spanning two floors of the McCormick Center. That’s a lot of miles to walk, people to see and things to do.

Trades shows are all about the experience – the whole experience; the good and the not-so-good. First, the good. There’s something to be said for the “up close and personal” interaction at a trade show.  In these days of instant, wireless, and other seemingly impersonal communications, face-to-face conversation is almost a novelty. Looking someone in the eye and shaking their hand makes the connection stronger; a name with a face; and that makes it more real – at least it does to me. All the stories, the anecdotes, making new acquaintances and renewing old ones, the product pitches, the elaborate displays and demonstrations can’t be replicated in an email.

Trade shows aren’t easy. Long hours standing in the booth or walking the show; early morning meetings; lack of sleep; eating at all hours or not eating at all; fast food over healthy food; delayed flights; and packages not arriving when planned are all part of the not-so-good side of the coin.

In my opinion, the good stuff outweighs the not-so-good stuff. Why? The experience. The people I meet, the knowledge I take away will now be part of me; something that will better me as a professional and as a person. Looking forward to it.

If you are attending ProMat 2017, stop by Booth S1157 and say hello. The Sentry Team would love to meet you. It will be an experience.

Posted by MJ Thomas


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