It’s never over, till it’s over

The Cleveland Cavaliers are in the playoffs – again. The defending NBA champions are on a quest to “Defend the Land” and that’s no easy task. Once again, they are playing heart-stopping, jaw dropping, wring your hands and hold your breath basketball; at least from a fan’s point of view.

Last night they did something that has never occurred in NBA playoff history. The Cavaliers overcame a 25-point half-time deficit and stunned the Indiana Pacers with a 119 – 114 victory. Oh, and does anyone remember how they won the championship last year? Coming back from being behind three games to one against Golden State to clinch it. The comeback kids are at it again. They don’t quit.

They don’t get rattled, they don’t throw in the towel, they stay the course; confident in the team’s ability to make it happen. And, it’s not just about the “big” names on the team; it’s about everyone on the team – the guys on the bench, the starters, the coaches, everyone.

What a great lesson for life. Against the odds, keep going, stay the course, believe in yourself (and your team) and don’t give up. Bottom line is that it’s easy to quit. Making the comeback is hard; it takes work; long hours; not letting anything deter you from your goal and hanging in there even when everything around you tells you that you don’t have a chance.

Babe Ruth said it best, “You just can’t beat a person who won’t give up.”

Go Cavs!

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