“Keep Each Other Safe”

June is National Safety Month; an annual observance that focuses on reducing the leading causes of injury at work, in our homes, on the road and in our communities. “Keep Each Other Safe” is this year’s theme; four words that together send a powerful message.

Safety – at work, at home or at play – really is everyone’s responsibility. Face it. It’s a jungle out there and it’s important to keep safety in the forefront as we tackle our daily challenges. Now before you roll your eyes and tell me you already have enough to think about every day, remember, it only takes a minute for the status quo to change, sometimes dramatically. All it takes is a little common sense and a keen awareness of our surroundings to make things safer for everyone.

See that cart sitting in the middle of the aisle? Move it. Don’t wait for someone else to do it. Notice that spill on the floor? Clean it up or at least report it. How about those boxes stacked too high and off-center on that racking system? How about that torn piece of carpeting? Don’t wait until someone trips on it and gets hurt. Take action. Do you know where the first aid and emergency equipment are located? Do you know the procedure in that situation? You get the drift. It’s why safety training is so important; why each of us needs to take it seriously.

National Safety Month is a great opportunity to be a safety ambassador; spread the word; get involved in reducing the risks of injuries. Make a difference.

Be safe out there.

Posted by MJ Thomas


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