Nobody does anything about it?

The weather – everybody talks about it, but nobody does anything about it. How many times have you heard that quote? I would guess that more times than not, we ignore it. However, if you have anything to do with the safety program at your workplace, you had better pay close attention. The weather – severe weather – can have significant impact on the work environment. Being prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at us is a necessity.

It seems that situations of extreme weather conditions are rising every year – tornadoes, floods, extreme temperatures, lightning storms, high winds. Each one can threaten workplace safety if your organization and employees are not prepared.

For example, in case of a tornado are appropriate shelter locations identified? Are emergency alarm systems in place and fully operational? Are emergency supply kits available? Is your facility vulnerable to flooding? Is there a plan to safely evacuate the building? How do you secure equipment and electrical power? What additional risks are there to employees in a flooded environment? Can your employees recognize the signs of heat or cold stress? Do they know what to do in each case? Does your company have an action plan? How often are safety drills scheduled? Who are the designated go-to people?

It may be a beautiful summer day today, but the conditions can change in an instant. Being prepared – planning, training and awareness – can reduce the risks that severe weather presents. We can do something about it.

Make maintaining a safe work environment  in any kind of weather – a daily priority.

Posted by MJ Thomas


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