Aha, Ta-da and Boo-ya!

In case you were wondering, the above are all exclamations of success and triumph; something – that due to a recent experience – I thought I would talk about today. Specifically, the great feeling that washes over us upon successful completion of a task that is totally new; that stretches the boundaries of our comfort zone.

The details leading to my epiphany are too lengthy to mention here so I will cut to the bottom line. Adopted a dog. Agency told me he was six years old. According to the vet, he’s more like three years old. He likes to chew things. In a span of 24 hours, the electric cords to my new paper shredder and my vacuum cleaner (neither plugged in) were in several pieces on the floor. This guy is quick. Took my eyes off him for a minute.

After the initial meltdown, it was time to figure things out. Hmmm, I wonder if I could fix these myself? Never done anything electrical. Could be tricky; maybe even dangerous; no clue how to get started. After an extensive Internet search and a chat with a very knowledgeable Home Depot employee, I set out to tread the unchartered waters. The trepidation felt upon plugging each repaired device into an electrical outlet for the first time was quickly replaced by a great sense of accomplishment. Now, I realize this is only a big deal to me, but we’ve all had those moments when we’ve conquered something new; something we didn’t think we could do.

The benefits of trying something new are many. It helps you overcome fear, you discover unknown talents, you become more creative, gain knowledge and increase your confidence. In the workplace, it makes you more marketable. The new talents and skills you acquire make you versatile and that can result in exciting opportunities.

The reality is that too often we hesitate to try new things until we are pushed. It’s easier to keep things status quo; easier to stay within the confines of the comfort zone. Today’s challenge? Expand your comfort zone. Try something new. The opportunities are endless.

By the way, anyone need any electrical work done? Just kidding. Definitely, just kidding.

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