What kind of training?

Safety training, sir!  Egad, NOT the dreaded safety training! There you have it. As important as safety, safety meetings and safety training are to the well-being of employees in the workplace, the mention of safety training in any shape or form is often met with moans, groans and assorted eye rolls. Why?

Is the training the same year after year, time after time? If it’s the “same old, same old” chances are employees are tuning out. Is the presentation boring? Are you subjecting them to death by PowerPoint? Are they engaged in the program? Are they participants or spectators? Is the training just a repeat of the presentation you’ve used for the last five years? Are you engaged in the presentation or are you reading documents word-for-word just to meet requirements? Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah.

It’s time to change things up. Here are some things to consider for your company’s safety training to hit the mark.

Safety training is serious but it doesn’t have to be boring. Use visuals; be unpredictable; tell stories; use video and demonstrations; interact; have a conversation; be relevant. Explain the whys and the wherefores – don’t just recite an endless list of rules. Employees should feel like the training is created specifically for them. What’s in it for them? How does it affect their lives? What does it mean to them?

Bottom line? Give them reasons to listen.

Posted by MJ Thomas


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