Keep your eye on the ball!

As I write this, the Cleveland Indians are preparing to face the Detroit Tigers tonight and a chance to make it 22 wins in a row. In case you haven’t heard, the Indians are on a winning streak – a huge one. In fact, one that broke the American League record for straight wins.

Cause for distraction? You bet. It’s all over the media, fans are going crazy, prognosticators are prognosticating; everybody’s talking about it – except maybe the team itself. Sure, they have to talk about IT when someone sticks a microphone in their face and directly asks the question, but if you’ve been keeping track, it’s pretty clear that the team – from Manager Terry Francona on down – is more focused on the “one game at a time, show up and do your best to outplay your opponent today” goal.

Indians' right fielder Jay Bruce summed it up like this, “You know everyone talks about the streak and being consumed with it. What consumes us is the daily kind of schedule and game we have to get ready for.”

It doesn’t mean they don’t acknowledge the success or enjoy it: it just means they haven’t lost sight of the long-term goal. They stay focused. They don’t let up.

Now hang in there with me while I make a leap to connect this with your work safety program. What, you say? Told you it was a leap.

How many times have you walked through an organization and seen a sign that recognizes the number of days the facility has been accident or injury free? It’s a great thing to acknowledge and recognize; let employees know what a good job they are doing keeping everyone safe and accident free. But, you can’t let up, you can’t slack off, you can’t be lulled into complacency by the numbers. A successful safety program requires focus – each day, every day, 24/7.

Workplace safety should always be a priority. Making it so is one of the best decisions your company can make. Stay focused and stay safe.

Now, Go Tribe!

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