How sweet it is!

Today is National Doughnut Day, celebrated on the first Friday in June of each year. Lest you think it’s just an opportunity to get a free “ring-shaped sweet snack made of fried dough, usually rolled in sugar or glazed with icing and filled with jam, custard, or cream,” here’s the real story.

Over the years, much of the meaning of this holiday has been lost to history. The tradition started with a young military doctor who on his way to reporting to the military base decided to pick up some doughnuts. Throughout the day, while helping wounded soldiers, he passed out those doughnuts. The practice caught on and was used during World War I at the canteens where the military would attend to the soldier’s needs at the front. It was a way to cheer up soldiers risking their lives and limbs in the trenches during the war.

Doughnut Day became a way to raise awareness about the war and to raise funds for Salvation Army's activities on the battlefield. It also celebrates the men and women who served soldiers during World War I.

So, when you visit your local doughnut store today, remember, this day is about more than a “free sweet treat.”


Posted by MJ Thomas