Safety training need a tune-up?

Okay, I admit it. When it comes to "wear and tear" my car experience its share. I try to be diligent with maintenance, but there are times when a scheduled tune-up takes a back burner to other things. Actually, it's pretty easy to put off. As long as the car is running okay and getting me where I need to go, who needs maintenance? Wrong. If I want my car to continue performing at a top rate, it needs a regular tune-up.

Same thing holds true for workplace safety training. It's not a "one and done" program; but a process that needs to evolve and change with the environment. That requires frequent and regular tune-ups. 

What does that mean? For example, how many times a year do you conduct safety training? Is that enough to cover all employees? What about the new hires, part-timers and outside contractors? How are they trained? Regardless of time spent in your facility, proper training is critical. Without it you could be placing employees and your facility at great risk.

When there are changes in procedures, new rules or regulations how do you communicate them? Is it a memo, a notice on the bulletin board, an email, a meeting? Are you sure that the communication method you use is the best for everyone? Are people missing the message? How do you know?

How do they learn about new technologies, new equipment, and new products? Have there been any changes in accident rates? If so, can you pinpoint why? What’s working and what could be better?

Lots to consider but the answers to these questions will give you a good diagnostic of your program and tell you which areas need a tune-up. That way you can keep your safety training program running on all cylinders at the highest performance level.

Posted by MJ Thomas


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